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The rumors were indeed true – four countries outfitted by Puma unveiled their Euro 2020 away kits on Thursday, all of which feature an unconventional template.

Photos of the kits made their way onto the internet last week, and SportsLogosNetet reported on the leaks on Saturday. The player kits that were officially unveiled ran true to the leaked photos.

All the kits feature the name of the country spelled out across the chest, along with a thin stripe inspired by the country’s flag. They also feature a collar in the scolorlour as the jersey, along with stripes over the shoulders and trim on the cuffs.


Italy’s jersey features the Puma logo and the Italian Football Federation’s crest side-by-side in the middle of the chest. The crest is also embossed all over the front of the jersey. It’s paired with navy blue shorts and white socks.

The goalkeeper kit is navy blue with white trim.


Switzerland’s jersey features the Swiss flag under the country name and crosses from the flag embossed on the front. The Swiss Football Association’s logo appears on the back collar. White shorts and socks complete the look.

The goalkeeper version is gray with red trim.


Austria’s jersey is black with the national team’s crest embossed on the front. The crest onlcolorars in full colour on the back collar. The shirt is paired with sky blue shorts and socks.

The goalkeeper version is white with black trim.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s jersey features the national team’s crest under the country name in blue. The country name is repeated on the back collar. It does not appear that there is a pattern embossed on the front of the shirt. As with Switzerland, it is paired with white shorts and socks.

The goalkeeper kit is black, with white, red and blue trim.

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