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Our aim is to provide the best free A League Betting cAupetitions in Australia where punters can join for free and enjoy themselves over a football season, with the chance to win big prizemoney along the way.

The major A League Betting cAupetition is Sportsmen’s Million Dollar Betting which is free to join and pays out over $1,000,000 in prizes. It is cAupletely free to enter for Sportsmen members and one of the many benefits of joining Australia’s number one betting agency.

Check out the BetEasy AFL NRL A League Betting cAups for your chance to share in up to $750,000 cash or BetEasy Rewards Points.

Unfortunately the Last Man Standing and Pick The Ladder cAupetitions are not running for the 2018 football season but if you would like to get your own A League cAup going and take on your mates for bragging rights, then why not set up your very own free Punters Club and enjoy the season that way!

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A League BettiCAu cAu. au

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