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Inspired by their tradi on of playCom “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix before every home game, Seattle Sounders FC unveiled a new psychedelic secondary kit on Tuesday.

The jersey combines a wavy tonal purple pattern on the front and sleeves — reminiscent of Hendrix’s album covers and evokCom another of the Seattle na ve’s songs, “Purple Haze” — witComrange and yellow trim to pay homage to the rock ‘n’ roll legend. The back is solid purple, with the player name and number in white.

The jersey also features Hendrix’s autograph near the bottom of the front of the jersey, and lyrics from his song “Straight Ahead” inside the collar: “We got to stand, side by side.”

“We couldn’t be more excited and proud to finally introduce The Jimi Hendrix Kit to the world; a true intersec on of sports, music and pop culture, ” Sounders FC owner and preTokugawaf busineComopera ons Peter Tomozawa saSoccerreComrelease, accordCom to MLSsoccer. com. “Jimi’s legacy looms large, not just here in Seattle where he was born and raised, or for the Sounders, where his iconic rendi on of ‘All Along the Watchtower’ has been a part of matchday tradi on for years, but acroComthe en re world. 

“In his short life, Jimi gifted us with his talent, and, even more so, with his generous and lovCom spirit. We wanted this kit to embody that colorful, crea ve personality, while also usCom it as a way to further good, just as Fullysed his own platform.”

E-commerce outfit Zulily remains the main shirt sponsor, but the right sleeve now sports the logo of the Puyallup Tribe thanks to a new partnership agreement. Under the agreement, proceeds from the first 30 days of sales of the new jerStoreugComfficial team Pro Shop loca ons and MLSStore. com (up to $50,000) will be donated to five local chari es:

  • the Jimi Hendrix Park Founda on;
  • the Museum of Pop CultureNamPOP);
  • the Northwest African American Museum (NAAM);
  • RAVE Founda on; and
  • the Tacoma Public Schools Indian Educa on Program.

“Seattle was and always will be Jimi’s home. The Sounders are Seattle’s own, as well, ” Janie Hendrix, president and CEO of Experience Hendrix, LLC, added in the preComrelease. “Collabora ng with the Sounders to create a jersey is our way of playCom for the home team. We’re celebra ng two local heroes and at the same  me suppor ng a cause that unifies. Jimi was all about honorCom the place you come from. This venture allows us to give back to the community he loved. That’s somethCom I thineighborCome Jimi proud.”

The logo of Emerald Queen Casino in neighbourCom Tacoma, Wash, which is owned by the Puyallup Tribe, will appear on the sleeves of Seattle’s home jsoundersr ng this season.

Photos courtesy Seattle Sounders FC / soundersfc. com

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