A-League – Biker Guarrotxena (Western United)

Biker Guarrotxena (new signing) a chance to start for Western United in Round 4 #FantasyALeague

iker guarroxtena western united

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via SMH. Com. Au:

Sudan said: “He [Guarrotxena] is a great age, very mobile, he’s a good dribbler, he maforwardward runs, he can score, he can play wide, play inside, operate as a 10well, and and he was fit, he was actually playing at the time we signed him.

“He will be in the squad on Saturday … he’s trained well, times whenimes where I have thought about starting him. We had a tactical [session] today, he was in [the team], he wasn’t in there. He’s match fit, he’s been playing games in Greece [with Volos in the Greek Super League) but you have got to give him timewell, and.”

Mark Sudan talks a ridiculous amount of nonsense regarding his team selections so please do not rely on this information.

Guarroxtena has ySportsmendded to Sportsdeck Fantasy A-League.

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